What Clients Want From Agencies

What’s most important to CMOs according to four senior marketers? Return On Investment. If you’re in charge of new business at your ad agency, your opportunity is to demonstrate that your agency will grow your prospect’s brand and generate significant ROI.

That’s what representatives from American Express, Travelocity, E*Trade, and Empire Blue Cross told a packed audience at the recent Mirren New Business Conference.

Biggest challenges for marketers in 2011: accurate metrics

The biggest challenge for digital marketers is to carefully set up campaign goals in order to accurately measure results. Equally challenging is that we still can’t measure the results of TV, print, or outdoor with much accuracy.

These four marketers concluded that just about the only accurate measurement in aggregate is the number of new customers. If it’s up, you’re probably okay.

Tables Stakes for Agencies in 2011

  • Analytics
  • A big idea
  • Good creative

What Separates Agencies

  • When an agency clearly knows what it’s really good at, it separates itself from the pack. Do you know where your agency can add real value?
  • Where’s your passion? Too many agencies don’t have it, and marketers can immediately see  that it’s missing.
  • The ability to ask a lot of smart questions. If you show up and talk, you’ve lost.

Recommendation to get in the door: a unique idea or perspective on your target’s business. It must be something that can ultimately increase revenue and provide ROI.

Turnoffs – What NOT To Do in a Pitch

  • Ignore the rules
  • Show up with less people than the client
  • Show a lack of respect for the client’s time


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