Slow and Steady Ad Agency New Business

I was struck by the parallels between maintaining good personal health and a successful and healthy agency new business program when scanning the recent Zappos blog, Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

Consider these 5 well-known, but not always well-adhered to principals of healthy living and how you can reinterpret them for new business:

  1. Don’t do crash diets. Translation: practice new business consistently. Identify and put a 100% dedicated person in charge of new business.
  2. Schedule your workouts. Translation: schedule your new business activities on your calendar. Sticking with your commitment to new business is much easier when you have an appointment to do it.
  3. Clean up your eating habits. Translation: focus on companies that are a good potential fit for your agency. Pursue clients who fit with your culture, core principals, and will allow you to make a fair profit.
  4. Be realistic. Translation: set achievable goals, so that hitting them will help you stick with your plan.
  5. Log your time. Translation: track your activities. Knowing your metrics will make you a better new business person and allow you to determine what to change in order to improve.

Successful new business professionals do these 5 things every day. How are many do you do?

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