Prospecting Tip: Use Your Cell Phone for Ad Agency New Business

It wasn’t long ago that calling a marketer on their cell phone was considered “too personal”.

However, as cell phones are becoming mobile computers, and the lines between work-time and personal-time are blurring, doing so is becoming less verboten.

Just the other day I heard from a new business person who said that after being transferred to her prospect’s voicemail, he offered his cell phone number “in case of emergency”. Figuring it was worth a try, she called and he answered, and they had a great conversation. He was driving, didn’t have any interruptions, and was able to fully engage with her.

The other advantage of this technique: No caller ID.

So, if you’re not already doing so, it may be time to incorporate your cell phone into your trio of outreach tools:

  • Office phone
  • Email
  • Cell phone

One other suggestion: Forward your office phone to your cell phone.

You may have had a marketer leave you a voicemail on your office phone in the evening or over the weekend, assuming that you wouldn’t be there to answer. If you do forward your phone, though, just be ready to have a surprised marketer on the other end. Be prepared to ask questions and try to engage them, even though it may be Sunday afternoon!

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