Pizza, Twitter and Ad Agency New Business

Naked Pizza is driving new business using Twitter. Jeff Leach, Randy Crochet and Brock Fillinger, Naked’s founders, filed an article with Ad Age last week that struck a cord.

Their goals are to find new ways to connect with their customers, and measure the ROI of their efforts. Sound familiar?

What they’re experimenting with:

  • Using Twitter to supplement or potentially replace their e-newsletter
  • Using Twitter to provide “brand marketing power”
  • Providing daily tweets containing links to in-depth information on their mission and products
  • Using analytics to test and measure every aspect of their social media strategy
  • Calculating the ROI of their social mediate strategy

And what they’ve learned:

Twitter has taught us an obvious but often overlooked lesson of building a new company: The brand is just as much a creation of the end user as it is a product of the ideals and hard work of the founders.

If an agency has really specific positioning, I can see relevant marketers finding value (insights, updates, humor, etc.) in periodic tweets.

So who is experimenting with using Twitter as an agency (not an individual within it)? How frequently are you able to send tweets to marketers? How are they responding? What are you learning?


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