Patience is Essential for Proactive Ad Agency New Business

I recently saw an email from Mark and David Sandler of Sandler Training that caught my eye.

The Sandler’s company specializes in sales training. They understand very well that it takes time, hard work, and patience to build a sales funnel and then watch their efforts bear fruit.

Too often agency new business professionals or their management give up too early. Successful new business takes careful planning, diligent work over the long-term, and patience.

]]>Here are a few noteworthy extracts from Mark and David:

How often are you asked, “How long does it take? To be better. To develop new behaviors that will lead to more and better sales. To better handle roadblocks and ‘think it over’ responses.”

Amazingly few people are willing to be patient. However, putting off gratification until later in order to obtain larger rewards than those immediately available is essential to achieve true success.”

“If we put off doing a thing and find ourselves going nowhere, we are sabotaging ourselves. If we put off doing it but find that, with struggle and effort, we are slowly progressing toward the desired goal, we can congratulate ourselves…”

]]>Before you jettison what your agency is currently doing, objectively evaluate whether you’ve done everything you set out to do to the best of your ability, for a long enough period of time to accurately measure the results.

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