New Promotions Technology Builds 1:1 Relationships, Increases Revenue, Organic Growth

One of the “if only we could” wishes of B2C Chief Marketing Offers is delivering highly personalized, one-to-one offers to customers – offers that result in increased brand loyalty and higher profit margins. I’ve come across a company that now delivers on that wish.

This is a way for your advertising agency to bring new technology and significant value to your current clients.

Here are some of the technological innovations now taking place in the sales promotion industry:

  • Personalization is now possible in real-time – while customers are present in-store.
  • Retailers are focused on customer loyalty and retention more than ever before.
  • Personalization tools and processes are being integrated at the Point of Sale (POS).
  • Post-promotion analysis can now be done in hours, not months.

Technologies that integrate real-time promotions into the POS deliver:

  • Much better customer targeting
  • Much higher redemption
  • Tighter segmentation
  • Greater market share
  • Reduced traditional media spend
  • Revenue gains

According to a white paper published by Retail TouchPoints,

The new paradigm makes possible a 1:1 relationship between seller and buyer that was inconceivable a few short years ago.

Besides new technology, what makes all this possible is that “the consumer is absolutely willing to sign up for personalized loyalty and rewards programs on the Web“, says Sahir Anand of Aberdeen Group.

According to Retail TouchPoints, Sparkfly has “emerged as a leader in the transformation of existing POS systems, smarter CRM data integration, and a vastly improved consumer experience.”

Sparkfly CEO Catherine Tabor adds this tantalizing summary of her company’s solution:

Imagine a world where you know exactly which of your products an individual consumer is purchasing; when and where they’re purchasing; and based on that behavioral purchase history, you can then communicate a very tailored and personalized offer to the individual consumer that will drive them back into the store, the restaurant, or to your product, at no incremental cost.

Without mentioning the Fortune 100 companies that Sparkly is now working with, after visiting the company’s offices and seeing their clients’ results, this may be a technology you want your clients to implement. It can and will benefit them, their customers, and further solidify your relationship.


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