New Business Skill: Identify What You Learned In Order to Improve

Given the competitive nature of the ad agency and marketing services world, everyone involved in new business must continuously improve their processes and techniques in order to remain in the game.

Here’s an easy 3-step way to achieve continuous improvement – what I call the “What Did We Learn” meeting. For optimal results, regularly and publicly review what you do, particularly at the end of a project or event – for example, after an outbound marketing campaign, first meeting with a prospect, or a pitch.


  1. What worked well.
  2. What didn’t work well.
  3. What you learned and what you will do differently next time.

Areas you probably want to review include:

  • Cold-calling techniques
  • Outbound marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • How you approach your first meeting with a prospect
  • Follow up from that first meeting
  • How you handle 2nd and 3rd meetings
  • Your pitch process

The key to the success of a ‘what did we learn’ meeting is the participation of everyone who was involved in the process or project.

The message this type of meeting sends to your firm is strong and clear:  we want everyone to learn and be a part of our growth and improvement. And that’s a good goal, isn’t it?



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