Marketing to Millennials

I recently read the just-released Intelligence Report from DailyVista, “Marketing to Millennials”, which gets inside the minds of the Millennial market. It provides revealing facts and figures as well as suggestions on how companies and brands can effectively reach this high-value demographic group.

The report features interviews with marketing execs from companies such as Innovative Beverage, State Farm, and, Millennial expert Carol Phillips, as well as a few real-life Millennials.

Says DailyVista’s Managing Editor Stephanie Jacoby,

Compared to our last report – an overview of Web 3.0 and how it can be used to market effectively – this white paper goes even further, digging deeper for more information about a very complex consumer group. Millennials are an important aspect of today’s marketing trends, especially given their extensive buying power and influence on other end users, both young and old.

If your ad agency has expertise marketing to this demographic group and your new business efforts target companies who want to better tap it, this is a report to check out.

[Full disclosure: DailyVista is a division of my company, The List.]



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