Beezag Delivers and Guarantees Ads Viewed by Millennials

Interested in being able to offer your clients a quick, inexpensive, cost-effective ad delivery system targeted at millennials that guarantees 100% of your ads are viewed?

I ran across Beezag a few weeks ago, saw a quick demo, and was impressed by the simplicity of their service.

Here’s what Beezag does:

  • Consumers are invited to join Beezag.
  • They opt-in to receive invites about specific products and services they’re interested in.
  • They’re rewarded for their time and attention with offers, specials or cash.
  • In order to receive their award, each consumer must focus and concentrate on their commercial from start to finish, guaranteeing that the ad was watched in its entirety.

I asked Richard Smullen, Beezag CEO, to suggest 5 reasons why ad agencies should use Beezag. Here they are:

  1. You can charge your clients a premium per-view, as ad views are guaranteed, “super hyper targeted”, and delivered in real time.
  2. You can add ‘delivery of client’s commercial to mobile and web’ to the media buy to extend your budget from pure TV to online (using the TV budget).
  3. You can have every consumer recipient answer up to three (3) multiple choice questions at the end of the ad. This is extra value to the client and can be billed accordingly.
  4. You can offer your clients a strong ‘call to action’ at the end of a commercial, and charge extra for it.
  5. You’ll have access to an opt-in community of millennials that are requesting and constantly asking for the ad of products and services they like, want, and need. This provides you a new, focused mobile and web channel you can utilize.

From a new business perspectives, agencies that have introduced Beezag successfully to an existing client will be able to offer guaranteed results to potential prospects – based on real, quantifiable experience.

In a business environment where clients are maintaining tight control over budgets, demanding increased accountability, and looking to derive more benefit from existing TV spots, Beezag promises an easy way to provide all three. And, best of all, this service provides a way to push traditional media to mobile devices, social media and interactive TV in a completely measurable way, with 100% accountability.

If you’re interested in watching a short video further describing Beezag’s services, click here.

In case you’re wondering, neither I nor The List have any financial stake in Beezag; I just found it compelling, and hope you do, too.

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