Ad Agency New Business Update: The Turnaround is Coming

Jodi Bailey runs The Experts Bench, which places senior interim marketers with Fortune 500 companies (if any of your clients need this type of help, they’re a very good resource, particularly for those clients in the technology and package goods industries).

On a phone call today, Jodi told me that she is currently experiencing both an increasing number of placements as well as an increasing volume of planned placements. This is excellent news.

Interim placement generally precedes increased marketer spending by 30-120 days, which means that these marketers are likely to need agency services between August and November.

Here are 3 ways for you to benefit from this insight:

  1. Identify a short list of prospect companies.
  2. Secure a good data resource so you know the specific people you want to pursue and have the required contact information.
  3. Start your outreach activities by July 15th, so you’re ahead of the majority of agencies who will wait to initiate their fall prospecting until right after Labor Day.

Hopefully, this means that the economic downturn is bottoming out and the end of the recession is near.

Act now, though – don’t wait for this to be yesterday’s news!

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