Ad Agency New Business Update: Cold Calling

“I just got a call-back from International Paper.”

Turns out this new business person made one introductory phone call to track down the appropriate person, left a voicemail message, sent information, and got a call back from a senior marketer. This was yesterday, not five years ago. So, is cold-calling dead? No!

Let’s break down what took place:

  1. Identify suitable prospects
  2. Get a good list of marketing contacts at your target companies
  3. Craft your messaging and hone your voicemail series
  4. Leave a compelling voicemail message
  5. Send relevant information (if sending an email, this post may help)
  6. Follow up and set next actions

Another sales person just walked in my office and left me with this nugget: good sales people must be eternally optimistic. If you’re not, you can’t possibly survive. It’s true, particularly if you make cold calls (and he does).

So, even though times are tough and popular wisdom is that cold calling doesn’t work, you might think about it this way: there are now fewer people making cold calls, which means that your odds of success have just gone up.

I’m curious: What you are encountering in the market? Are you having success with cold calls? If so, what’s working?

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